Are you prepared for an exciting moment that will bump and smash? You can expect that from a game of bubble soccer! When your friends roll over after being bumped, it's entertaining to see and you can only guess how much fun they're having. While having fun is the main goal, remember that safety is still first and foremost. So, here are 5 simple suggestions to make sure you play Bubble Soccer safely while having a blast!

  • Wear the Bubble Soccer suits properly

The precise application of your Bubble Soccer suits is the first step in making sure that everyone is secure during the game. You will be shown exactly how to put them on by our facilitators before the Bubble Soccer game begins. You must have taken the incorrect path if it doesn't sit quite right. A word of advice: try to keep your heads within the Bubble Soccer outfits!

  • Bubble Soccer suits strap must be tight

Once you're in the suit, don't assume you're prepared for a game of Bubble Soccer! Run around in the Bubble Soccer outfits to check that they are comfortable. You could find the straps to be a touch too loose at times, making it uncomfortable for you to run while wearing the suit. You can proceed after getting the facilitator to change it to your desired option.

  • Look at the kind of people you’re playing with

The majority of people would be so excited to play Bubble Soccer that they would just jump in. Please be a little less rough when bumping when you're a group of guys playing versus a group of females! Girls frequently want to play Bubble Soccer but are intimidated by the strength of the boys. Just pay more attention!

  • Don’t resist the fall

There is no way that you could withstand a bump and maintain your position. You will stumble! Being on the ground doesn't define your strength, therefore don't be embarrassed to do it. You're ready to play when you roll onto your stomach and kneel.

  • Health over anything else

Please refrain from playing this game if you are not feeling well. Given that you'll be moving around a lot and banging on things, it can just make you feel worse. Speak up if you're feeling sick during the game! It's acceptable to leave the game and find a replacement. If necessary, our facilitators are able to play Bubble Soccer with you as well.